New tools aids investors advocating for children's rights

June 22, 2022

 child using computer_AdobeStock_140866669

The information and communications technology (ICT) sector has changed and improved our lives in many ways, but it’s also exposed everyone – especially children – to risks including predators and sexual exploitation, harmful and predatory marketing practices, and potential breaches of data privacy. A new tool from the Investor Alliance for Human Rights is helping Mercy Investment Services and fellow faith-based investors in their engagements with ICT companies. 

The alliance recently produced a risk assessment briefing on child rights in the ICT sector, with examples of how this sector can adversely impact child rights, how they can remedy those impacts, and resources on best practices for protecting children’s digital rights. Mercy will use this briefing as part of its ongoing engagements with several companies: 


  • Engagements with ICT companies including Alphabet, Meta/Facebook, and Verizon address how they can protect children’s digital rights, including balancing protecting privacy and data while preventing sexual exploitation. 
  • Mercy engages food and beverage companies on the responsible marketing of products to children, including the issue of disproportionate targeted marketing of unhealthy products to children of color.


Mercy Investment Services will continue to use this tool as we engage companies across several sectors on their impact on children. Learn more about how Mercy Investment Services engages companies to address issues impacting our global community.