Energicity turns on the lights in Sierra Leone

July 30, 2021


For residents of Foredugu in Sierra Leone, the future is brighter than it’s been in 60 years, thanks to Energicity subsidiary Power Leone and a solar mini-grid funded, in part, through Mercy Investment Services’ Environmental Solutions Fund.

With no access to the national power grid, Foredugu’s 4,000 residents were in the dark until Energicity and Power Leone launched the solar mini-grid this year. Now, more than 300 Foredugu families and businesses who’ve registered to connect to the grid will have power from Energicity’s largest mini-grid project. Overall, the mini-grid will serve approximately 3,000 people and generate approximately 35MWh of clean electricity this year. Mercy Investment Services’ investment in Energicity is helping the company to expand its footprint in West Africa and to bring affordable, reliable, sustainable electricity to more than 1 million consumers over the next five years. Click here to watch a short video clip that shows the impact of solar power for Foredugu. 

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