Supporting women and families during the pandemic

September 21, 2020
four women in masks with bags of food 

Many women and families in Guatemala are facing food insecurity due to COVID-19 related closures and changes. Friendship Bridge, a Mercy Partnership Fund investee that provides microfinancing, education and preventative health services to women in Guatemala, jumped to action. Although Guatemala is a poor country, many clients own a cell phone, so Friendship Bridge called clients to inform them about the virus and how to stay safe while also assessing their needs.

Clients expressed concern that they may not be able to make timely payments on their loans or buy food for their families due to not being able to work. Friendship Bridge offered clients flexible options for their loan repayment, used technology to deliver telehealth services via phone to its clients, and began an Emergency Food Relief Program that delivered 3,000 packages of food to clients and their families. Each delivery provided enough food for a family of five for an entire month, serving 15,000 people with nutritious food during this crisis. 

View this video to learn more about the food relief program and this website to learn more about Friendship Bridge, one of more than 60 mission-driven organizations in Mercy Partnership Fund’s global community investing portfolio. Learn more here.