Mercy loan helps women entrepreneurs making a difference

April 15, 2020
children playing with parachute


Across Mercy Partnership Fund’s portfolio, investees are empowering women to create innovative solutions to problems in their communities.

Pro Mujer borrower Patricia Yapura learned that a family in her Argentinian community needed a very expensive, special harness to help their child with disabilities. Hearing that the family could not afford the device, she created one for them at a lower cost. She received a small loan from Mercy Partnership Fund investee Pro Mujer (PM) to grow her business and create more products to help children with disabilities. See this video to learn more. (The video is in Spanish. For English subtitles, click on the gear icon and choose subtitles and auto-translate.)

In Gorham, Maine, Marissa Ritz and Meghann Carrasco, friends and now business partners, did not feel that the childcare industry in their Maine community was user friendly. Both mothers and consumers of child care, Marissa and Meghann decided to open up their own childcare center – Seedlings to Sunflowers. As a startup business, Marissa and Meghann struggled to find affordable financing through traditional sources, until Coastal Enterprises, Inc. (CEI), a Mercy Partnership Fund investee, provided a loan to build the center. They now provide STEAM-based curriculum and a garden-to-table education program to children ages 6 weeks to 5 years and an after-school programming for elementary-aged children. Additionally, they strive to create equity in their community by offering voucher slots to low-income families and a sliding scale pricing structure for families.