Credit union helps immigrants transition to life in America

July 11, 2019
man with taxi

When Adam Ishag moved from Sudan to the U.S. in 2012, he found himself in an unfamiliar country with language and cultural barriers that made it difficult to settle into his new home, find a job and navigate the U.S. financial system. He began learning English and found a job, but still struggled with understanding the financial system. That’s when he found Latino Community Credit Union (LCCU), a Mercy Partnership Fund investee.

LCCU provides North Carolina communities with financial products and education to empower members and increase economic opportunity for all. LCCU serves more than 75,000 members from more than 120 countries. LCCU helped Adam learn about the importance of credit and broke down language and cultural barriers to make him feel at home. Adam now is a proud cab driver and is continuing to build his credit thanks to LCCU. 

Mercy Partnership Fund has long supported the work of LCCU and other community development credit unions. These cooperatively owned and governed nonprofit organizations specialize in serving populations with limited access to safe financial services. To learn more about the work of Latino Community Credit Union, visit its website.